We have often been asked why we pick certain puppies from the litter and which is the pick of litter.  We think,   people don't realize from the day our babies arrive they are each individual little people to us, our lioness head comes on and the big thought  !! PROTECT !!.....

When selecting a puppy we usually try to match the puppy to the person where possible, this is not always the case as people have different ideas, some just wish to have a loving family pet as they have small children, others wish to show. Show puppies need to have outgoing nature and exuberance with a look at me appeal.

Our puppies are raised with Denise's five children  and our friends children  so they are well socialized with children also our cats, sheep and chickens , they also mix with our other dogs, so they are usually bomb proof. All our puppies are not shy and hang back, lots of people have said we will let the puppy pick us, which we find really funny all the puppies love meeting people, and they all adore children. But couldn't eat a whole one......

All our Widgerwood puppies are raised with total commitment to producing happy well socialized puppies. also the puppies are raised in the home so used to all household and family noises and given opportunity to develop physically mentally and emotionally.

We always have pick of the litter ourselves, we are not just looking for something that will do well in the ring,they have to fit in with our lifestyle.  This does not mean that other puppies are not as good, it is just our preference as we have usually homed in on a puppy from birth and follow it through to eight weeks,we don't usually change my mind.

Whichever, puppy you have  you can be sure that is has been raised with love and you will have a happy socialized character,we enjoy seeing our babies being shown in the ring, as this gives us lots of pleasure, but we also know that lots of our babies go to pet homes, and this also gives us a great feeling as we have made so many friends and they know if they have any problems we are the first ones they call,  if we can help we will!  Also its great when they come back to visit us when they are grown up.
Often they come back for another Widgerwood puppy, which is great.

Also whichever puppy you have  you know that we have done our very best to produce an excellent temperament  and a healthy strong  puppy.We have also spent lots of time lead training and taking them out in the car, we want all our puppies to be happy in there life. I think from my guestbook you can see that they are.!!!!!!