WIDGERWOOD Contract of Sale                    

This is an important document.  You should not buy a Widgerwood puppy and sign this contract unless you intend to be bound by its Terms and Conditions.

This agreement is dated:

Between: Miss D Pitts & Mrs V Ashby (the breeders)

And: ………………………………………………………………………………
Of:    ………………………………………………………………………………..

Email address:

Particulars of your Labrador puppy

Registration number:
Date of Birth: 
Price:  £

1.Certain breeds of dogs may be affected by disease, some of which are genetic, or partly
genetic in origin.  You acknowledge that:

1.1You have been advised to consult a Veterinary surgeon to discuss this breed and any potential
problems that the breed may have.  A Veterinary surgeon is the person best qualified to advise you
on such matters.

1.2The Parents of this puppy have been hip scored and eye tested. 
                                      Sire's hips:,      eyes clear (2016),
                                      Dam's hips:,       eyes clear (2016).

We believe the puppy to be in good health, but give no warranty to its health.

2.You are advised to take the puppy to your Veterinary surgeon for a general health check within five days of the purchase date.  The check and any associated tests, examinations or certificates, will be at your expense as you hereby acknowledge.

3.If the Veterinary surgeon finds a serious problem, which in his opinion renders the puppy unfit for sale, you may return the puppy for a full refund of the purchase price, provided that:

3.1You specifically confirm that I will not be held responsible for any distress caused by the return of the puppy.

3.2You are solely liable for any costs associated with the return of the puppy to me.

3.3The puppy is returned within five days of sale in the same state of health in which it was sold.
You provide a written statement from your Veterinary surgeon setting out the problem
and including the name of your puppy and Kennel Club registration number.

4.You guarantee that the puppy/dog will not be transferred/or given to a third party, without
our express permission in writing under any circumstances.  If this clause is breached, and we
are forced to locate the puppy/dog, you acknowledge that you will be liable for the cost of recovery,
including overseas recovery if the puppy/dog is found to be exported, whether or not you knew the
puppy/dog was exported.

5.You guarantee that your fencing is sufficient to keep an active Labrador within your grounds
and that this puppy will not be kept permanently in a kennel or cage, or tied up and will not be
regularly left unattended for periods longer than four hours.

6.You confirm that you will properly house, feed, water and exercise this dog and will arrange for appropriate Veterinary attention, if and when needed.

7.Should you have any tests undertaken on this dog including tests for hip dysplasia and eye
problems or any other tests, which could be of interest to us, due to there possible effect on future
breeding programs, a copy of the results should be sent to us.

8.You agree to advise us twice yearly of the dogs progress by virtue of phone calls, letters,
emails and/or photographs and will not hesitate to contact us with any problems or questions
that you may have concerning the ownership of the dog.

9.You guarantee that if for any reason you are unable/unwilling to keep the puppy/dog at
any time,  the puppy/dog will be returned to Widgerwood for re-homing only.

The dog/puppy will not be homed without prior notice or agreement with the ourselves.

10.You will inform us of any and all changes of address and/or telephone numbers during
the ownership of the dog.

11.The Kennel Club registration form states that this puppy cannot have an export certificate.
Should you decide to permanently reside abroad and provide us with proof of this intent, this
restriction will be lifted at our discretion.

12.The Kennel Club registration form states that the progeny of this Labrador cannot be registered.

13.   This means that should you breed from this dog you cannot register its offspring. 
This restriction may be lifted at our discretion, with certain conditions,  providing the dog is in the same ownership to whom we sold, and all relevant health checks ( Hips, elbows, eyes, and optigen ) tests have been carried out and its proposed  mate approved by us, There will also be a charge for this service. You will need to endorse the progency's registration, to prevent further breeding or export, without your authorisation. and the dog is over two years of age, in each instance.  
In the instance that a bitch is optigen tested a carrier the restrictions will only be lifted once the bitch has been mated to a clear optigen dog which is approved by us.

14.   Restrictions will only be lifted on males if they have been shown at championship show level with some  success. Or if all the tests have been done.

15.  In the instance that a male is optigen tested a carrier, the restrictions will not be lifted under circumstances.

16.   If we have agreed to lift restrictions on your bitch, You will also need to endorse any progeny's registration to prevent further breeding or export, without your authorization. We retain all breeding rights on male dogs to our own bitches.

17. Our puppies are sold as a Pets only.

Signed by: (breeder)

Signed by: (purchaser)

By signing this contract the purchaser (s) confirm(s) that they have read and agreed to all the Terms
and Conditions set out within this document.

By signing this contract you also understand the breeding restrictions they have been fully explained to you verbally and any questions have been answered.

You sign to say that you fully understand all the restrictions and how they affect you and your puppy/dog.

This document is subject to copyright to Widgerwood.