SILAS.....Widgerwood For Yur Eyes Only             ANNA ..............Widgerwood Anastasia
Two of my very special dogs now enjoying their lives with Bob and Jo Locke where they are papmered as dogs should be  Bob & Jo are very special people who take on older dogs, i met them when i wanted to re -home Anna they met Silas and wanted to know when he was coming up for retirement could they have him as well, it took me nearly two years, but they now  have him, and Anna was waiting at their gate to greet him, so now relax in their retirement together...... knowing these two as i do they will running rings around Bob & Jo.....

Penny with Winston and of course Jackson both loved and adored by their humans . . . . Julia and Penny in Brighton.
Vidorvery happily living with Revd Sarah Geach and her family
Otis living very happily with Kristine fleet and her family in Surrey
Henry :  enjoying his new life now living with Malcolm and Judy  Pearson
Toby : ( Silas brother)   a big part of the Russell family they also have a Silas baby
William(an Anna baby ) as a youngster William  did really well in the show ring  winning many awards,  he now lives happily and spoilt rotten by Emma and her family, they also have another Widgerwood baby.
Sedge : ( a Moose baby)  now living  happily with Penfold, Claire and her family               
Morse ( a Willow - Silas baby ) now living  happily with Julie & Colin Green and their family
Mead :  Mead was sold to the Devenelite kennels she has now been rehomed, we were not told where she was.....
Shadow, Storm, Sunny all my breeding which have now apparently been rehomed from the  Lukyma Kennels : They have now had litters from Storm and Sunny and they are now showing a puppy from Storm's Ist litter, And doing quite well in the show ring with Luke showing her.
                                                Such a shame when people fall out  !!!!!!
Daisy : Gabby's sister now happily living with Shirley and Robyn Davis in Eastbourne    I love the pictures...........
Jasper : now happily living and ruling  Michelle and & Michael Ball in Hants
                                      He has turned out rather nicely don't you think?
Cobb  : Is brother to our Lace's brother who has turn from a cygnet into a swan, what a handsome boy, happily living                                                                   with the Castle family
Silkrelaxing with her new mate Rio. Rio is neutered and Silk has  spayed, they are now very happy living with the Keith & his family.   I had Silk instead of charging a stud fee, but she was not interested in showing, but she has turned out to be a lovely family girl........
All our puppies/older dogs that go to new homes it is suggested to the new owners that they are neutered/spayed when they are old enough.

Everything we breed carries breeding restrictions, even the ones we keep, until they are of breeding age.

If the new owner states that they wish to have a litter, then they are requested to abide by our contract, and we guide and assist them into the correct procedures to follow in maintaining the breed standard, and making sure that the girls go to the best possible stud dogs, after all these are still our babies and we do care for their well being.

YAZZY : Yazzy was a very special young lady she again did very well in the ring, she has settled in really well and become one of the family many thanks to Ali and Simon leftwich  ( Yazzy was another Silas - Willow baby her brother Morse is also on here )                                    
Wispa : from a baby to a lovely young lady,  happily living with the Carol Maddox and family.
CHARLEY : One very special lady who is now the soulmate of Will, They are now living in Cyprus and if they are not walking along the beach together they will be found lounging in the garden by the pool ,Will has always kepted in touch with us, apparently they are now back living in the UK                                     
TAO : Tao who was owned soley By my daughter Elizabeth,     This dog was given to Elizabeth as a birthday present, and that we would agree later to lift the restrictions on her for her to have a litter with her, this was done. She was then sent to a kennels near to us in Brynaman for rehoming, apparently she was not allowed to be returned to us,contradicting what was stated in our contracts, but i do hope whoever she is she with now that she is happy. Such a shame when familys fall out!!......                                                        Lets hope that the dog was the winner is this. !!!!

MURPHY & MIA : These two lovely dogs are both of our breeding and are owned and loved by Nicky & Justin and are happily living and socializing at the pubs on their trips out, I do get to hear of your excursions Nicky !!!!!                        
MORGAN : As Rachel says "Morgan is absolutely fine, he has been overall a very good puppy. He settled very quickly here and within a few days it was just as if he had always been here. He is usual rountine is generally he spends the mornings outside with us on the stable yard, pottering about doing his own thing and then he takes a rest during the afternoon to recharge his batteries.. He loves any visitors to play with and the children as well and is partial to a game of rugby or cricket with them in the garden. He has come to a couple of shows so far where he has been fine and enjoys travelling in the horse truck."............                 He looks the perfect angel.

ALICE : Now living with Christine & Lindsey Ferris and their older labrador Zena who is a retired Dog for the blind. Alice is Kingston sister, Alice has just become a registered PAT dog, Christine and Lindsey keep in contact and always send lovely pictures.
SPENCER : Lace/Moose baby,Now living happily with Frank, Jan and Spencer, what a very handsome boy he                                                                       has turned out to be.
Rolo happily living with the Lewis Davies family,in Pembrokshire, where he will be thoroughy spoilt.   Thank you all for our fabulous Rolo cake  and the eggs ( can we have a Rolo cake each year for his birthday Plz )
ALEX: Say hello to Alex one gorgeous boy, who nearly stayed with us, now living and sharing his life with Rhian and her family i think this young man has made his mark firmly on this household. Thank you Rhian for sharing your lovely pictures. they have also got another of our babies RYAN

Martha: being taught basic skills here at home she is shortly off to her new home in London
Monty: brother of Teddy & Abbey, Owned and cherished by Karen & Julian Lloyd and their family
Alfie and Charlie : sharing their toys and games, and seem to be running rings around Gary....He is growing into a stunner, thank you for the pictures Gary
TESS: This lovely young lady now living and firmly one of the family with the Carpenter family......
                                                           thank you for the lovely pictures Ross, Ann, Sean, Lewis

DIVA: This gorgeous young lady  is out of our lovely Finch and Ross,  now living and happily settled in with  Yvonne and Soufiane. 
Saffy: sister to  our own Teddy and Abbey.... she is also sister to Monty and Daisy
This young lady has her mind on the open road sharing the passenger seat with Diane and reading the maps for Steve and having lovely holidays in their motor-home.

LILY:Another of Finch and Ross's babies meet Lilly ruling the roost with Simon Lewis,  i think you may well have met your match now Simon. She looks stunning !!!!
BRODIE:This young man is Brodie the life and soul of the Doyle family.
                                    And yes Mike he is very handsome. !!!!!

Our many thanks to Paul, from Berkshire,Mead is well and very happy..........Thank you once again for letting us know