Well we arrived, new beginings, new adventures, our first glimpse of Ireland from the ferry, a long journey when you have everything on board, your home, your friends, your dog & cats,  you arrive in  a new country, with totally differen't cultures than you have ever known. Different money, and greener grass. and mountains that you could die for.
Our views over the countryside and on to the Galtiees mountains from the kitchen window
Charlotte & Primrose
Galtiees mountains  fabulous views the day the snow came down
Buttercup the day she arrived
Denise out in the field with the animals
Everyone helps when the chickens get out
Moving here was an experience that both of us had not thought of  within three weeks of being here we were snowed in for 5 weeks,  looking out over the mountains every morning is an experience in itself, talk about the moods of the mountains, every day is different.
The grass is greener and  that sounds stupid, but its true, everyone is so helpful, its like going back 100yrs when the UK was so friendly, neighbours use to call in for a cuppa and you never locked your doors at night. We are now use to the ways here, slow and relaxed, and things get done later rather than soon, everyone has mobiles, which takes some getting use to, cos we never carry mobiles when we are out feeding the dogs or out shopping.... The birds sing constantly, you can hear the cows out in the fields, and the church bells ringing in the distance calling everyone into to service. So yes its a lifestyle you can get use to, and none of us are getting any younger.

We have never see so much snow, it arrived within three weeks of us arriving, we were snowed in for 5 weeks, there was no way we were going to attempt to get out, when you live up the side of the mountain, you just sit and wait, we had a friendly farmer who use to get anything we needed even if it was chickens, pigs or buttercup our calf, Jim knew everyone he was great, as you look out of the kitchen windows we have gorgeous views of the Galtee mountains, Jim told us if the snow stays on the Galtiees there will be more to come, and there was. Irish weather, never have we ever known weather like it you can have all seasons in one day,  it rained stair-rods, for about 10 mins, then the sun would come out and so hot. obviously brilliant weather for the farmers, we watched then cutting the grass and within 2 weeks  it had all grown again ready for another cut.
We enjoyed our stay, the people were so friendly, we made lots of new friends,  Ireland is such a friendly place, there is always someone to help you they are such jolly people,  We were only sorry that we had to leave behind two people that were very dear to us, i'm hoping that we will see them again, but both Anne and myself hate the ferry, Mike he can sleep through Gail force winds. Can't you Mike.

Denise returned to the Bungalow in March, to try to get things ready for me to return, this did not happen for 4 months,  so she return to Ireland, to take some of the dogs back with her, and some personel items,  i returned with the dogs  in July more on this later !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We went fishing with Anne & Mike, we had a brilliant day, nothing like fishing , i took my camera, thinking i could get some great pictures, i ended up having a go as well,  I caught seaweed, Anne got caught up in a tree, Mike & Denise caught crabs,  then threw them back hoping to get something bigger, it didn't happen,  but with a hot brew and a sandwich we had a great day,   ( one that we can keep as a lovely memory )
Mike and Anne on the ferry......
The Glen of Arlow complete with more Mountains
Then we went to the Vee The focal point of the Vee is probably Bay Lough. This is a small corrie lake surrounded by steep rocky hills. The gloomy depths of the lake are reputed to hold the half mythical, half real 'Petticoat Loose', a woman of loose morals who was banished to this spot after casting her spell over many a man. Locals believe if you paddle or swim in the Lake, you will be pulled under............
Honey who thought she was a Labrador she was great fun, she was found a home at a sanctuary and a young family
Pixie who arrived from Jim and was supposed to be pregnant we didin't stay  long enough to find out.
Little Mollie who we halter trained