Now that Denise is working nights, we decided to have a guard dog to look after me, not ever  having had a german shepherd before, i never realized that they are so different to Labs, she is so loving but she has her likes and dislikes she has established herself well into our lives.
She loves having her picture taken, and loves being around you, she enjoys visiting all the dogs outside, and they have accepted this long haired dog is one of them,
Meischa is one big beautiful girl, who has to meet everyone, the Labs being so laid back do not mind her in the same room when they are having their babies, i think they realize that whereever i am she is. She is not quite sure what to make of the little Labs as they are being born, but when mum is out having a meal Meischa goes in to check them over and is so gentle with them.
Its lovely to see. She will even bring the babies some of her soft toys.

I think this just proves whatever the breed its the way you are with them and bring them up