Janet Broadstock 
Very impressive reading, Excellent site, Beautiful dogs. They are most certainly are credit to you,! as of course you are to them.! Very well done.

Liz Coates                                                                                                
I am a puppy walker for Dogs for the disabled and it is nice to see where some of the dogs come from. I will be in touch.

Rachel Gradowski-Smith                                                                            
Vicky, We are happy to let everybody know through the website how please we are with Morgan our black lab boy. I spent sometime looking at other litters and I am so please we did the 10 hour round trip to come and choose our family dog from yourselves. He is a great dog with a lovely personality and country living seems to suit him well. I would recommend the Widgerwood kennels to anybody. Regards

Caroline Callagan                                                                                     
Once again i come back to this fab website. I watch for things that are new and i read your guestbook, it says it all You have always been there for any help that i need , i just need a black bitch now PLEASE All i can say is this site is Brilliant

Your friend the fellow                                                                             
competitor again
Very interesting your website is the best your graphics and design!!Great!!. I find is so interesting that you lead and others follow. I love the new mainpage and your photo's page i think it is lovely to see all the dogs happy in their new homes, also the New kennels that are now coming on the scene, they are now breeding from your stock, of course they will win in the ring, You are a genuine Breeder of Labradors and have been for many years, Know wonder people want your dogs, they are gorgeous.
Keep up the  great work you will have a halo soon. LOL

Christine and Lindsay Ferris                                                                     
It does not seem possible that it is still less than a week since we collected our nearly six month old puppy Alice from you. Alice has settled wonderfully well. Anyone would think that she had been with us for years. She is a really sweet gentle little thing who loves everyone: people and animals alike, and has just taken everything in her stride. Alice is getting on very well with our 11 year old retired Labrador/Retriever Guide dog, Zena who has become a good adopted grand-mother to her. We have been to a junior adult training class with Alice and she is so intelligent that she has already gone beyond what we were taught in our first lesson. Without being asked, Zena demonstrated what the trainer was trying to get Alice to do and she then cottoned on very quickly. We have taken Alice out to eat with us several times to a variety of different places and she has been remarkably well behaved. People are amazed when we tell them that she is not quite six months yet and we have only had her a few days. One lady at the table next to us commented that we have ' the perfect dog' and we certainly agree.
Twyford in Berkshire and Cheltenham  
Christine & Lindsay

Thanks for all your help. Hope you can help us out with a little black girl soon. have bookmarked your great website.

Mrs Diana Hilliard                                                                                                 
This is a brilliant website.. You most certainly have  some lovely looking Labradors Its good to find such a responsible breeders who shows so much love for her breed.

A friend also in Labs                                                                                       
GREAT  WEBSITE, love the new puppy pics, i thoroughly recommend this breeder, she produces good quality dogs. One of your many friends from Devon, i am also the proud owner of a Widgerwood lab, i certainly wouldn't look or buy elsewhere.
David White 
Barnstaple, North Devon 

May Squire                                                                                                       
I love your website, your dogs are really beautiful from your website we can see that you love your dogs very much,. I have a very old Labrador dog, but when his time comes i will come to you. Thank you for sharing your dogs.
Devils bridge Aberystwyth
Thoroughly enjoyed this website.

Graham Morton                                    
I have been looking at your website for sometime now, you dogs are truly a credit to you, Your website itself shows the care you have for them. You spent lots of time updating your puppies who have gone to new homes, which to me means that you do keep in contact with the owners of your pups, Keep up the fantastic work, its lovely to know that there are true, good and honest breeders out there. One of your comments on your website was if there is an after life they wish to  come back as a Widgerwood lab, i second that good luck in all that you do from an admirer of the Widgerwood Labs
Great website highly recommended:

Took ownership of a 10 week old Widgerwood puppy in October 2007, having been born on 13th August. At 5 1/2 months old he is the most gentle natured, handsome boy you have ever seen. Right from day one, anyone who saw him made exactly the same comments namely - wow what a handsome lab and - my goodness he is going to be a BIG boy. We are expecting Monty to be huge - still growing into his paws which are very spade-like. I would recommend a Widgerwood pupopy to anyone wanting a lab - they are lovingly bred for tempermant and looks - how lucky we both are to have one.
Julia & Penny

CANAL-DA SILVA                                                                                              
Hi What a real pleasure to see your labs !  We visited one again your website and decided to let you a message of compliments about your dogs. My husband has a database of Labradors pedigrees, and he knows very well you kennel. An Hello from France !!! Helene
Hi it's a big pleasure to me to sign your guestbook

Julie King                                                                                                        
We were fortunate enough to have Dear Skye from you two years ago and we just have to say what a lovely sweet natured girl she is, she loves everyone all the children that come to visit the postman delivery drivers the lot!!!! she has seen foster dogs come and go and we recently inherited and old border collie and a little cross breed,
Skye has taken them all under her wing. she washes the cats gives her bed up for anyone and all in all is a real darling. We would not hesitate to come back when the time is right for another of your wonderful dogs, must also say she is very very beautiful and picture book Lab in every way and so kind and gentle , THANK YOU SO MUCH LOVE THE FAMILY

Ali Leftwich                                                                                               
A fabulous website for a Labrador fan !
Alison leftwich

I have been a fan of your website for a long time now, i have friends who have had your puppies they are a great credit to you both. Your website is a total joy to read , and the persons that have had your puppies rave about them,  I CAN SEE WHY .  Your total commitment to your dogs shines  through every page. Keep up the good work, your dogs  are wonderful, i hope i can keep watching for many years to come.
Kings Heath , Birmingham

Rhian Cook                                                                                                
I have THE  most gorgeous new addition to my family in the form of Alex, our black Lab! That makes five children in all! Alex came to live with us on Monday 9th June 2008 and i am hard pressed now to imagine our home and life without him in it. He is such a fantastic creature with the charisma to challenge those of George Clooney and James Bond. He has impeccable manners and a lovely disposition with the  children. He has made lost of human friends, but more importantly he has a canine friend called Beauty who is a collie cross. She really puts him in his place when they are together. Alex has settled in very well not only with our home but indeed our lives. Bye for now and thank you so much.
Melin Court, Resolven

Paul Denham                                                                                              
Fabulous website i was so impressed, your dogs are gorgeous, you obviously care so much about them. I was very very impressed. Thank you for all your help an please let us know when you have another litter, you have my name and address. We do not mind what colour, as long as it comes from your kennel, we are not in a hurry. Thank you so much once again for all your help.
Paul & family.
Absolutely great site!

Cynthia Finch                                                                                             
It is an absolute delight. Obviously made with a great deal of TLC, care and enthusiasm and dedication. All of which characteristics shine through everything you have done. I can only say that if i am ever reincarnated as a Labrador I can't think of any better place I would want to live.
Lower Heyford Oxfordshire
I would just like to say whoever is wanting a Labrador puppy, i have been looking for a long time for one, but i wanted a younger one i have looked at lots of litters then i came across Widgerwood, they only had an older one, so  thought i would go and see for myself, Vicky said that her puppies would settle anywhere, how right she was, we have the most adorable puppy i have ever seen,he is house , car lead trained. Its as though he has always been here. Thank you so much Widgerwood for allowing us to have one of your gorgeous puppies, I cannot thank you enough for all your help and advice.
Great website !

Caroline Callagan                                                                                           
Thank you for all your help today : Your dogs look wonderful, we cannot wait to come and meet you both and the dogs. I do like your website very much, also your taste in music than you once again for all your help
Thoroughly enjoyed every page !

Duncan Mcqueen                                                                                        
Hi all, Just to say thank you so much for Pannie ( Amazed by You ) she is beautiful and Jenny and I love her so much, even when she is in one of those  " moods " LOL. We would like to thank you fully for the day we came down to Wales to collect Pannie and the welcome, support and hospitality that we received. Hope to keep in touch.
Duncan, Jenny and of course Pannie
Stratford Upon Avon

Fellow competitor
How very interesting that some people  No names mentioned. ( But they don't  live in Wales ) Not only copy your site but your graphics and your pages, can they not find their own designs?, or  have you helped them to much.......LOL!!

Peter Lee
Great pictures of you puppies who need expensive toys.............Lovely website

Amanda Lewis             
This is definitely one of the best Labrador sites on the net - Well done !!
The  dogs  are beautiful and look so happy and well cared for. I was very impressed.
Good luck in all you do.

Dorothy Allen                                                                                                  
Hello there, I love all  your your labs, they are soooooo beautiful. If you are going to breed any of your blacks males please let me know because I'm going to be breeding my female soon this year. E-mail me and please let me know @ the above email.
Thanks Bunches, Dorothy Allen & my family
Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Shelby Allen                                                                                               
You have gorgeous Labs !!!!!!!!!

Shirley Davis                                                                                              
Hi Vicky and Denise Just to let you know that Daisy ( Heavenly Lagoon ) is doing well. Robyn and i are very happy with our four legged friend. She is definitely teething at the moment ! She is a confident happy girl and is certainly not shy in making friends with the other puppies at the park. Hope you are well and that the guinea pigs are breeding ! Best wishes Shirley and Robyn

Thank you for showing us all your dogs, i thought they were wonderful, seeing them on your website, But meeting them in the flesh, was one of the best experiences i have ever had, Your dogs are a TOTAL CREDIT to you and Denise, you have some beautiful dogs, and they are in excellent accommodations, Keep up the good work,
Thank you for all your time and help

Benny Harris           
I have been watching your website with great interest How refreshing to see such quality, a friend of mine is coming to purchase one the Gorgeous boys this week. I unfortunately cannot have a dog, if i could you would be my first port of call. Your pictures are amazing. Fabulous dogs Great website. They are a credit to you both Well done !!!!!

How lovely to see that one of your new babies has gone straight into the showring and won really well, how exciting for you. Your labs are wonderful keep up the good work, i have bookmarked your website and will follow with great interest. Your bassets are lovely too.

A Friend     
I watched today with interest, how refreshing to see Denise showing a lab, and what a gorgeous girl glad you had such a great day ! you deserved your win What a lovely baby

Keep showing the labs  Denise

Vicky & Andrew Griffiths
Hi Vicky & Denise, We are so grateful to have had Mo-Jo from you, She is really gorgeous & a right little madam. Your help and advice has helped a great deal and your website is Fantastic
Llandough, Penarth

Great website fabulous dogs.

I have been watching your website for a long time now, it a real pleasure to read all about your lovely dogs, I'm fascinated that you go to such lengths with your music on each page and you are always updating. Your dogs are a credit to you, your, dedication to this lovely breed goes without saying. I have the pleasure of being owned by two  black labs from Margaret Brown. Wonderful site.............Anna Davidson

Lisa Harris       
This is an A1+ site for information and cracking good dogs. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you showing again????
Tedburn St Mary

Neil Cooper
What a great website you have, i love Labradors and you have some of the best i have seen. I am not interested in cats, but yours look very nice, I thought i would have a browse through the whole of your site.
East Stirling

Michelle Ball                                                                                 
Dear Vicky and Denise. A big thank you once again for our little boy, Jasper, even at only 10 weeks he's such a character with such a sweet nature. I think it was love  at first site when we first met him at 6 weeks!  He's so intelligent and has already mastered the " sit " and  " down " commands in less than a week since we brought him home. Thank you also for your great advice and time spent with us in preparation for his move to his new home. It is plain to see that you both love and care so much about all your dogs !       We will email pics soon
Michelle & Michael

What a great site, you can see you care about your dogs whether they are with you or with their new owners. You are always on the end of the phone if i need help with my dog, you don't get that with a lot of breeders as soon as they take you money that's the last they want to hear from you. Please  accept a big thank you to both for all your help.

Mrs E Roberts
I have viewed your website with great interest, your dogs are gorgeous, and what a beautiful site. I have had Labradors all my life, i have 2 oldies at the moment. I will be in touch thank you for sharing your beautiful dogs.

I just wanted to sign to say thank you for the wonderful girl i brought from you last year she is lovely. Such a a wonderful character and full of fun. She is also extremely naughty but we love her anyway. thank you so much.

I love your website you dogs look great and your puppy pictures are gorgeous, Well done a very nice website

Tracy Bradley
What a great website, your dogs are wonderful, Your website is so unique, Others have copied it but don't have your depth of quality this is your trade mark.
Well done.......
Southall, Middlesex

A true Labrador friend
This is one of the Best website's i have seen in a  long time. Very informative, its refreshing to read that you do not pull punches, when are people going to realize, your utter dedication, if they read though your website your contracts, and read the way you try to ensure your puppies go to the right homes.  I have heard before of Widgerwood Labradors.
I have been introduced through your website to all your wonderful dogs.
Your guestbook is amazing. Keep up the brilliant job you are doing, how refreshing to find a decent Labrador breeder. Your puppy pictures are gorgeous. Keep up the great work you do
Fellow Labrador breeder.

Keith Dixon
Hi Vicky,
I would just like to say a big thank you to both you and Denise for your time, patience and advice. For those reading this entry one of Vicky's older pups has joined our family as a pal for our other lab Rio who will be 5 in May. He is a big strong black lab and now we have a gorgeous yellow girl to keep him on his toes. It is a mark of the high standard of breeding at Widgerwood that the new addition has settled in so quickly. She has been with us now for four weeks and she has been absolutely remarkable. Nothing has fazed her from the very start, washing machine, tumble dry, etc have never bothered her. She walks side by side with Rio on a lead and has never been worried by passing traffic when walking on a pavement. She is now 7 months old has been the easiest and most well balanced dog to train that i have owned. Vicky, i am sure that your love for animals and dogs in particular rubs off on all your charges and makes it that much easier for them to settle into their new homes. For those of you who are considering having a Labradors to join your family, in my experience I cannot recommend a better place for you to start looking!!. With best wishes, Keith Petra and the boys
From Cheshire

Your dogs are gorgeous i wish my partner would let me have one. I like reading your about us page,
Great to see women can do up a property keep up the great work!!.

Christopher Sweetman  
Your site is very informative, you have very good looking Labs. I like looking through the page of all the dogs that are now in new homes i think its great that they are still in contact with you, not many breeders are interested when the dogs have gone to new homes. Keep up the good work
Chris Sweetman

You've a great website and such lovely dogs ! We loved to see all the pictures of your dogs. They are a credit to you. They're really beautiful.
Thank you for sharing them

Firstly, i would like to say the biggest thank you ever, we have been looking for a Labrador puppy for a very long time, after losing our old boy. Going to kennels and looking and always coming away with nothing.  I don't think i have ever met someone so dedicated to her dogs such as you, we are coming a long way to have one of your babies, after seeing the fabulous pictures of your babies, we are quite happy for you to pick a baby for us.  We are so pleased that we waited and found this wonderful Widgerwood site, we have spent hours talking to you, we have been through all your dogs on your site and the love and devotion that Oozes from every page, all your dogs look very similar, which means to us you go to great lengths to breed your Labradors, to the best standard you can.
All we can say about Widgerwood is fabulous !! Lovely to find a genuine breeder who really cares about her dogs and their well being, You only have to read the guestbook, we cannot wait until the 4th until we pick up our baby, The biggest ever thank you.
Vicky & Mathew

Alison & Matthew Jones
Once again we have looked at this wonderful site you must be so proud of your dogs. Thank  you for being so helpful, it is so nice to be able to listen to the real dedication that you and Denise offer in your fabulous dogs. We lost our lovely boy at the tender age of 14 years it is too soon for us to open our hearts to another just yet. But we would have no reservations in coming to have a Widgerwood baby. Thank you once again for all your help and guidance.
Ali & Matt

Mrs E Davis     
More compliments about your beautiful dogs, i have been looking for a long while now for a black bitch of my own, i have contacted many breeders, my daughter found your website, i have now booked my new baby, i cannot wait to come and see her.  Yours dogs are beautiful, you must be very proud of them all. Look forward to meeting you in person and thank you so much for your time.

Julie and Colin Green
Morse has only been with us since the beginning of November, but he has settled in really well and feels like part of the family. We takes it in turns to walk him and if he is lucky he goes in the car to Epping Forest, where he can runoff lead. He's  been swimming in Conaught Waters twice - very smelly !! We're very happy he is with us, and i think he is happy too!

Carolyn & Alex   
Hello Vicky and Denise, Happy New Year to you ! Lottie ( Chaser/Livvy ), who is now just over two, is doing very well.  She is bouncing with health, a real character, and we have many admiring comments about her  'type' and her head thank you again for letting us have her.
Best wishes

Sharon,Jon, Caitie, Millie and Gus
Happy New Year to you all! Hope you've had a great Christmas! We've all had a great time - Gus included. He is still the same ' Old ' Gus ! Nothing much changes with him as you can imagine - and that's the best thing, he's so dependable. We still check your website regularly, always exciting to see new additions added!
Love from all of us xxxx
Minions Cornwall

David Boyce
What a pleasure to see great looking Labs, a very informative site well put together. Your dogs are indeed a credit to you. I have an old chocolate girl 10 yrs old this Christmas, we have just moved to this area from Cheshire
Kidwelly, Carmarthanshire

Thank you for all your help and guidance and patience on the telephone yesterday. I loved looking at your website I think its brilliant, your dogs are lovely, please would you put my name down for one of your puppies from your next litter in the New Year. You have my name and telephone number, again many thanks for all your help. I look forward to hearing from you. Katy

We weren't planning to have another lab, as we have a 10 year old chocolate. Then we met Ebony, as her name suggest she is a black lab, eight years old this month (Nov) She joined our family just before Easter this year and has brought much laughter and sunshine into our lives. Lass our choc, has lost weight and had a second lease of life and they love going for walks together in the forest and down the beach - and stand back when they see water - Ebony is a real water baby !
Thank you for letting us have Ebony.

Mike and ally
Hi there, we have just bought a lovely puppy called Scampi. " Lukyma a Senhora Amarela" and where really please to see photos of her parents on your site. She is 12 weeks old and thriving!
North Bucks

Mike Martin
Would like to say how professional the web site is.

Karen Pyrke
Hi Vicky and Denise, Just wanted to say a Huge thank you for giving us our very own Widgerwood boy - Monty. He has only been with us one full day so far but has already become an established member of our family.  We stumbled across your website by pure chance, but clearly fate was on our side. I do not think we could have found a more caring, responsible and committed dog owners if we had tried. Monty is already proving himself to be good tempered and full of character. Your dogs are a credit to you!!.

Anna Worsley
Just having a look at Labrador sites!! came across yours. Always wanted a Lab. Brilliant lovely dogs, Great to spend time looking at your pages. Your dogs are wonderful, we have a German shepherd cross very old but a grand old man...

Jay Naylor     
Thank you Vicky and Denise, Your website is so good! I love your dogs, I love your philosophy. You ooze care and commitment. We have just lost our (mixed breed ) dog (18years) who was so precious to us and so we are sad right now. We have been discussing our next canine friend and we thought we would like to buy a pedigree black Labrador puppy in the New Year. Therefore i am starting my search of quality breeders. You say you occasionally have puppies. Any plans for early 2008 ? Kind regards
Jay Naylor
Telford Shropshire

I am looking  for a Labrador puppy and more or less stumbled across your website and all i can say is  WOW!!! Your dogs are a credit to you, your professionalism will be the epitome of many. I will be in touch soon.
South Wales

You have some lovely dogs i am so impressed with your lovely website, i often look on to see what is new, i see that Anna has a new litter, you must be very proud of her, she is a beautiful dog, and seems so content with her new babies.
Good luck to you and can i just say that you have one of the best sites i have seen, lovely to see and read all about your dogs.
Marie an avid admirer
Ramsgate Kent

Diana & Steve
Love looking at Anna, we hope she is fine and all goes well for her. We shall hope to look after one of her puppies in the future.xx

You have a lovely website and beautiful dogs, i have also just found the bassets on your sister site, they are brilliant not like the ones i have seen in Wales, well done, have bookmarked you so my mum can see the dogs.

Kerry Adamson
Brilliant Website : This is one of the best sites i have been on. You have put lots of effort into them, you have been rewarded with beautiful dogs.

Frank Clouter
Very well presented site. Enjoyed the photos, reminded me of our dear departed Kerry who was bred from the Sandylands Kennel. Would love to look at any puppies you may have to offer, Please email me with any details or if you can recommend a reputable breeder from whom we can purchase a puppy, we are within 15 miles of you and hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes Frank & Janis Clouter
originally Houndslow now Llanddeusant

Peter Scott
Brilliant Web site, Well thought out, Beautiful dogs, lovely music Your dogs are a credit to you.

Hallo ! I come from Germany ! my English is not good! you have wunderful dog's! Liebe Grusse aus Munchen Sendet ihnen Ulrike mit Labrador Columbus

A friend
I have been watching and waiting for an update on your sister site, makes very interesting reading. I cannot believe that these people are judges of the basset breed. They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. At least people can read for themselves the disgrace they have caused themselves. I wonder if they now realize that they are not dealing with just yourselves, because you seem to have a lot of followers out there. Keep up the good work, and keep breeding your bassets. Good luck to you both It was my pleasure to add my piece to this, there will of course be many more.
No Need                                        

Linda Partridge
You have some beautiful dogs over there and i found your website very informative keep up the good work Excellent site!! nice to see such beautiful Labradors !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martin Hughes
Second signing  but i forgot to leave any comments the first time I thought it only fair to tell people  how i was treated by Vicky and Denise.....All i can say is that the service that you get at their premises must be second to none, very helpful and nothing is too much trouble. We have purchased two male puppies from them: both are great fun and full of life. If i were to ever have any problems i wouldn't hesitate to contact them. Many ,many thanks

Great News and well done to Aysha she is the image of her father Silas, Brilliant! Your dogs are a credit to you.

Fiona Roberts
What a lovely website ! my beloved lab called mickey died 2 weeks ago aged 10 from a heart condition, I'm devastated the best friend anybody could have. I'm trying to talk my mother around to having another one but she's having none of it, I'm in work at the moment so when i get home i will show her your site so hopefully she'll have a change of heart.
Hendy Pontardulais

Hello Vicky and Denise, Bliss has settled in very well and is absolutely lovely. She has a smashing personality and absolutely adores children. She and Bentley my GSD love each other and spend a lot of time washing each other, which is really cute to watch. She has bought so much fun into our lives. Thank you we could not have found a better member of our family
Somerset  Bentley@benfleet78.freeserve.co.uk       
Lovely to see that you are back in the showring, it was nice to see quality Labs being shown by dedicated owners and handlers, who seem to make every newcomer special, thanks for all your help with my lab, i owe it all to you..i will keep you guessing for now!!! Lots of luck and hope to see more of you and
Denise in the ring The cuppa will be on me.
A friend

Karin Meadows
Have just been visiting Abbeybrook and found the link to your website.
Interesting to see that Bassets and Labradors live in harmony with one another.
Lovely website and such quality dogs.    Brilliant keep up the good work

Jennifer Woolstein
Was surfing the net looking at Labs, you sure have some great looking dogs. Do you export??? am living in Chicago at the moment hoping to move shortly. You have some great looking pups. Good luck to you from the USA

What a brilliant website. Such beautiful dogs, I was well impressed 
Lots of luck
Pat Sparkes

Lorraine Knowles
I love being the very proud owner of Bobby a very special Widgerwood Labrador. He arrived home with me on Monday the 2nd October after a very long car journey which he slept most of the time he never complained once. We stopped for a couple of breaks for him to drink and wee and he just took the journey in his stride. He has not left my side he accompanies me to work and now when i get the car out he sits waiting to get in and the little harness he wears in the car he patiently sits whilst it is clipped in. Friends and family love him to bits and he receives them all graciously he; a big hit with our family.
Thank you so much
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
www micrographics.Ltd.uk

Pat Sparkes
Just to let you know that Sophie has had a very happy 2nd birthday today! it is just about a year ago that we made the journey to Wales to pick her up and i can only say, that after the initial settling period, she has given up nothing but pure joy. She is loving, gentle and undemanding. Wherever we go she is admired, she has learned to love the attention and we all adore her.
Windsor  pattysparky@hotmail.com

Rachel Dennis
I have looked at this website many many times it is Brilliant. Your knowledge of your dogs is endless, and shines through each page, thank you once again for sharing your beautiful dogs.                                     Good luck to you for the future

Janey and family ( Lukyma) 
Vicky we just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for allowing us to be owned by yet another one of your Widgerwood babies. We have taken home this time a lovely black Lad who we named Shadow. We also would like to say a big thank you for all your HELP recently with your great advice on SHOWING ETC. You are a DEAR FRIEND and will treasure our friendship foreverxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTHANKS AGAIN!
Poole. Dorset

Jan Peter & Holly 
Hi Guys, just a quick note to let you know how we're doing with Bobby now he's home. Everybody has commented on how handsome he is and the vet could not praise him ( and you ) enough, he is healthy and a credit to you. He is only getting us up at night and not tiddles in the house at all. He's also sooo clever. He has mastered sit already and is almost there with giving his paw, the vet was blown away when we showed her.... she could not believe we had only had him a few days!!!
Thanks so much for all you help and advice, anyone who might want a reference, please feel free to contact us.. we only have great things to say!!

Julia Baverstock
We were looking for a chunky big looking Labrador for 3 months, i sent out over 30 emails to selected breeders and was really impressed with the email i had back from Victoria.  She was extremely knowledgeable and you can tell that she loved her  dogs!! We  reserved a dog and met him on Saturday and he was without doubt the most beautiful little boy i have ever seen, defiantly worth traveling from Brighton to Wales! The owners are both lovely, very caring and respectful of their animals and know the breed back to front, we were very impressed with everything. Thanks so much for making this happen, we are so very happy with Jackson, he is great!
Julia Brighton
PET PA  info@petpa.co.uk

Just wanted to pass on yet more compliments about your dogs. Just returned from walking Lottie and while out with her I met another Labrador fan, who commented on what a handsome animal she is. It made my day. Hopefully this will make yours too.
Surrey  carolynclyyde@f2s.com

Andrea & Jazz
Hi Vicky, we just wanted to say a big thank you for showing us your puppies. We loved spending time with them. All of them are so cute and happy. You've done a brilliant job! We can't wait for Shera to come to our home.
London  andrea@fish4cards.com

I was very interested in looking at the puppies of Silas and Willow he is throwing superb puppies can you please let me know if all the puppies are now booked if so please contact me and let me know if you have planned another litter by him. I would be very interested in a bitch preferably black. Great site, you obviously love you dogs very much they are a credit to you. Hopefully, see you back in the show ring in Devon soon. ( i have emailed my details)

I had already looked on your website lots of times but when you recommended i looked back at your guest book after i contacted you by email. I was really amazed by the amount of really lovely comments about both your dogs and yourself. It's quite a recommendation
Somerset bently@benfleet76.freeserve.co.uk

Jonathon Woods
Thanks Vicky excellent site great advice
Crosby, Merseyside  johnathon.wood2@btinternet.com

What a joy to meet such  lovely dogs. I am looking for a yellow boy do you have any in this litter, i will contact your email address. Thank you for sharing your dogs.

Phillip Taylor
GREAT !!! BRILLIANT WEBSITE   I enjoyed visiting your website you really care about your dogs.

Steven & Katy Gilroy
Hello again Vicky & Denise, we would like to say the biggest thank you possible, can we just say it was the biggest pleasure to met you and Denise in person, and to meet all the dogs was the greatest honor, we have looked at lots of litters trying to choose the right puppy for us. But meeting you and your dogs was the best day of our lives, you have changed our minds from wanting a black bitch to having a stunning yellow boy, lovely to see such a happy bunch of kids, fab heads and beautifully kept. Your dogs are beautiful, we cannot wait for our baby to come home with us....thanks again for your kindness both of you,
Steven & Katy

Lottie ( Chaser/Livvy ) is nearly one now and we are both absolutely thrilled with her. She is happy and healthy and many people have said how lovely she is. She really is a great credit to you and all you experience and dedication. Thank you for letting us have her and for all your 'New puppy owners' help. I shall keep visiting your website to find out the latest news on the family and shall send photos of Lottie by email.
Best wishes

Sharon Cooper
I was interested in looking at Labrador sites, we are thinking of getting a lab early next year, i would like a black dog. I am not ready to have a puppy yet as i have a very old German shepherd she has cancer, but i will contact your later in the year to see if you have any puppies, i wish to spend time with Sheba and then change my breed to Labs which are totally different to what we are use to. I came across your website and thought WOW !!! beautiful dogs. I will be in touch
Bridgwater Somerset

Derek & Margaret
We have been owned by a Widgerwood dog now for 12 years, we can honestly say that if you are looking for a companion  Widgerwood are the best people to go to Denise and Vicky have been great, and their support has lasted over the years, they are always there at the end of the phone, these two are not just any Labrador breeder, they are the best, gorgeous dogs, keep up the great work you guys, you are doing a brilliant job, and yes you are our extended family
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