Georgia at 9 years old and she can show everyone a thing or two......

Georgia in her usual place or sitting in the sunshine photo's  by Denise

Georgia out in the field with her Grand daughter Alice
Georgia 13years old still out wandering the fields every morning

We never imagined that we would be celebrate her 13th birthday but we did, Georgia  had been so ill, but she still pottered on, still very happy to meet everyone who comes in to see us.
We counted our blessings . But with Georgia its buisness as usual, food wander in the fields  out with mum, Crumble and Reuben a quick potter round for anything thats new, down to the stream for a cool drink.

When you loose a dog .you  realize how fast time goes ..remembering the very first time you saw her ..the first time you held her in your arms your home ..her first show....her first litter …and now you hold her head in your hands for the very last time …

Georgia came to me at a time i had just lost a puppy Ebony a road accident on Mothers day all those years ago.
She helped to heal my loss, and made a very special place in my heart.

So when Georgia arrived i took her head in my hands saying: we have a deal .. YOU will stay forever, okay? YOU and I will get very OLD together …!!!

For such a long time (13 and 1/2 years)  Georgia kept her promise .. I had to break mine ..putting her to sleep to save her further suffering ;.

You were the first one to greet us in the morning . The first Labrador to say hello to visitors,  … We have been through so much together.

My Beloved Georgia  … not in my life .but truely in my heart forever

When i looked at Georgia, i remember all her old friends who have passed on to rainbow bridge, one very very special boy was Poacher, and of course his lovely owners  Jennie & Bob Willcock-Bates . This boy was a Champion  to me, he didn't need anyone else in the ring with him, his character alone was to die for... So special, his greeting, and of course his singing.

Our gorgeous girl was taken from us, we did many things together,  we will treasure your memories,

Now god i am sending one very special lady for you to look after until i am ready to collect her myself, she doesn't  run with the others she does her own thing and potters, but please can you make it snow ocassionally for her, thats when the true Georgia starts to play ...she is a little deaf now so you only need to touch her and she will follow you...   sleep tight until we meet again
Poacher, one of the most amazing dogs we  have ever met.

Georgia's lovely dad Jazz who died so young, such a handsome dog.
Georgia loved the snow
Georgia again in the snow on Christmas day
Georgia is was a great great grandmother to Tarka, Dizzy, Billie, Gus, and Daisy