THE FARM WAS SOLD.  Denise and i found ourselves looking for another project, we found  a lovely bungalow which again needed repairs and major updating, firstly, we set about the kennels for the dogs, with nice cosy kennels and lovely runs, and we invested in a dog loo, a must with our lot.
The bungalow itself we have been updating gradually, 1st new windows, a new kitchen, luckily we both enjoy a challenge , we decided to knock through a very small pink cloakroom, into the large bathroom and have just invested in a lovely corner suite, a new ceiling  then all new tiles.

We have replaced the roof , which was great fun, as we have been climbing up onto the scaffolding and taking lovely pictures of the land and views around the bungalow.

We have tried lots of new jobs, like tiling,  laying carpets, knocking down walls, designing kennels,
laying blocks, rendering walls, all of which neither of us have ever tried before.  We have just aquired land at the back of us 2 1/2 acres, for the dogs to run free, and this gives us free walking up onto the moorland........The dogs are now very happy in their new heated kennels and being able to ramble over the fields to their hearts content.

The before  pictures of the bungalow, the scaffolding up all around,  and the new roof is nearly complete.We have had great fun watching the new roof go on, and being able to take pictures of our land from the roof top. I think the dogs have enjoyed the company of the workmen as well......

We decided to go to Ireland to be with friends and to show the dogs,  we stayed for 18 months so we rented the bungalow to a so called dog rescue, oh dear!!!!!  Now having to renew everything, the kitchen which they destroyed, the bathroom,  our lounge, our bedrooms, our kennels, the drainage to our dog kennels ,