Now this little one has joined our gang she is the daughter of Tarka and Ollie, she is a typical yellow does her own thing her way, always there in the thick of trouble, and she is the escape artist, she can undo any bolt or catch, and when she goes out in the field to play, that means she comes back in when she has finished, which means she gets to play with everyone and the boys, Denise usually has to go and get her in, while i can get on with other things.
Ellie and Buda playing in the field enjoying themselves
two very different little people Ellie calm, Buda well there is not a kennel door she cannot open, clever and yellow
Photo by: Steph Leslie
Buda as a tiny baby little did we know how she would turn out
Buda has had her  hips and elbows excellent

Looking for a good loving home