Our biggest thanks to Ewa & Radek for letting us have this gorgeous boy.

All our dogs are hip tested and hold current eye certificates
Pictures of Antos as a baby, we have bought Anton from Ewa & Radek of Bloomwood kennels in Poland, this is our 1st baby we have imported. He left his native home on Wednesday 30th March  and arrived with us on Friday 1st April at 5.00 in the morning, Ewa has kept in contact with the couriers and us throughout his long journey but he was great slept most of the way,  the couriers walked him and fed and watered him throughout, he made a great fuss of them when he reached us in Wales.

Ewa & Radek have given me lots of Pictures of Anton as a baby and we will add to them.

He has met Teabag our cat and he is in the house in his room which he is sharing with Meicha .

We had to have a lay in this morning but he came out in the  field with me this morning.
Anton now 6 months old playing with Radex
Anton now 7 months old and growing well
Anton now