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Labradors have been in my life for many years, my 1st was a yellow bitch called wonkey  ( such a strange name I hear you say )  I was only three and I couldn't say her name correctly.I showed her at exemption shows until I was old enough to show her properly and became a junior handler, she was a terrific dog and we went everywhere together even school trips river swimming, on my parents farm,  or if I went out on my horse,  she was always there.
I lost her at the grand old age of 14, I have had many Labradors since, all are unique in their own way.

My teenage years were surrounded by animals, my father bred his own Labradors  mainly for working unless I got my hands on them first.

Georgia who is my foundation bitch was  purchased from ( Sheenaron Labradors ) in 1997 she was an extrovert very loving and did rule the roost.

In 1999 I registered the Widgerwood affix with the kennel club so I could start showing under the Widgerwood affix. But we have always had Labradors in our family.

In 1998 I purchased a lovely yellow bitch Gabby ( Trendlewood You're Gorgeous) from Fiona & Derek Braddon   ( Trendlewood Labradors ) . Gabby  was shown by my daughter Elizabeth who also enjoyed showing all my dogs and went on to become one of the top  junior handlers in the South West. Gabby now has new duties outside the show ring helping Elizabeth to raise her son Riley, but she is still owned by myself and  the Widgerwood kennels.

In 2001 the Widgerwood affix was re-registered as a joint affix to include Denise  who has always had Basset hounds, we use to show our dogs and travel to many shows together along with Elizabeth.

It seemed natural that as we were both going through divorces, both having dogs that we couldn't part with that we rented a property together. We rented a house in Somerset and were very happy there, then we looked further afield looking for a property that we could raise our own animals and  found a stunning farm in Wales.

We  lived in a beautiful house on the top of a mountain with five acres to wander around in and we have access to over 200000 square acres of the Brecon beacons for which we have grazing rights for our animals. We had our own stream and a very large pond and plenty of space for chickens,ducks, sheep and pigs.

We have spread our wings in lots of different ways after moving here, we now own our own sheep and have had our first season of lambing, we have raised our own pigs and chicks and our free range eggs are in constant demand, so I think its fair to say that we are living the good life.

We  live near Swansea, In a small village called Brynaman having  moved from Somerset.
                      We are a Labrador show kennel, we have had Labradors for over 45 years